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Work Samples

For more work samples or a resume, please use the contact page to contact the team.

Marketing Strategy Examples

Marketing strategy work is available on a quarter-to-quarter, month-to-month, or project-to-project basis. Below is an example of a high level marketing strategy.



Sheena was originally self-taught in SEO getting two of her early business ventures to rank on the 1st page of the Google search results starting 10 years ago. Since transitioning to a full-time career in marketing, Sheena has often owned SEO within organizations. She has managed initiatives from writing long form content, like blog content, essays for publications, to SEO audits, on-page SEO, backlink strategies, and overseeing technical SEO work (including managing web development teams). 

SEO Wins (1).png

Content Writing & Publishing

Sheena began self-publishing her writing at the young age of 13 in the early 2000s. She began having work published on websites other than her own in 2014, starting with Brown Girl Magazine. View writing samples from HuffPostBrown Girl Magazine, The Manual, Healthline, and The Monthly Marketing Mix.


Short-form Copywriting

While ChatGPT might be coming for copywriting jobs, there is still something to be said for thoughtful and well written copy that was not AI generated. For some copywriting samples, click below. 

Tweet Screenshot.png

Reporting, Dashboarding, & Google Analytics

Sheena is proficient in GA4, Excel, SQL, and Tableau. In many of her full-time roles, Sheena has managed dashboarding using tools like Google Analytics / GA4, Looker Studios, Databox, Hotjar, Shopify, and in putting reporting decks together for internal and stakeholder reporting. View sample visualization here.

baywheels report.png

Gated Campaigns & Landing Pages

Many of Sheena's B2B projects have involved gated campaigns across channels like LinkedIn and Google using a landing page with a form to gain contact information from a lead before offering a valuable resource, like a whitepaper or webinar. Click below to see one example of a sample landing page.

Screenshot Landing Page-sq.png


Sheena has been writing long-form content for over 25 years. Her full writing portfolio can be viewed here. Below is a sample whitepaper from her time at Dineable.

what employees are looking for.png

Mobile Optimized Video

Our attention spans are getting shorter, which means short 15-second videos are continuing to gain traction on different social media platforms. From Instagram Reels and TikTok videos, to YouTube Shorts and Idea Pins on Pinterest, the possibilities to utilize this format are endless. Click below for some work samples or reach out via the contact page to get more work samples from different clients and scopes of work.



Pinterest is a great tool for certain business models. In Sheena's past work experiences, she has used Pinterest as a tool to reach event planners (at Dineable) and at another company to reach parents / caregivers of children. Please click below for work samples. 

Pinterest Post - Gift Ideas.png


Everyone is on Instagram these days. Like other social channels, creative on Instagram needs to be appropriate for the channel and target audience that you are trying to reach. Please click below for work samples.

It's okay to be not okay (Facebook Post (Square)).png

Product Photography

Product photography is one of the many tools in Sheena's creative suite. Click below for product photo samples. 


Video Ads

The below HD ad was created for Dineable as a quick reel to summarize what the company does. 

Screenshot 2023-02-09 at 5.15.46 PM.png

Brand Guidelines

The below brand guide was created with the teamwork of a designer. Sheena pulled together customer research, color palettes, and font brainstorming for the new brand and the new brand design was refined and pulled together by Dineable's designer to put together the below brand book. Channel guidelines and brand voice are other areas of expertise for Sheena. Reach out on the contact page for more information.

brand guide cover.png
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