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Sheena Pradhan is a rare marketer with previous experience as a successful F&B entrepreneur. Sheena knows first-hand how hard it is to run a small business and wants to help you grow your company. She keeps her rates affordable so she can help the most people as possible succeed at their business ventures. 


In addition to her experience as a small business owner, Sheena has 10 years of experience in the marketing industry, over 12 years of experience with publishing and SEO (not including 25 years of experience in the blogosphere), over 5 years of experience owning digital marketing initiatives within organizations.


Within marketing, her experience spans strategy, execution, and reporting, including SEO / organic search, paid search, email & SMS, paid media, organic social, and branding; and a variety of industries including B2B SaaS, e-commerce, fintech, wearable tech, SaaS, apparel and accessories, food, events, behavioral health tech, and M&A. 


In her previous life, Sheena won two beauty pageants, and was featured in several commercials and social media campaigns as an actor/model, became a published writer, and helped to scale three fashion brands. In 2017, a meal prep delivery service that Sheena was experimenting with took off. She quickly pivoted calling this company Bodybuilder Kitchen. She spent the next three years running a nutrition private practice, Nutritious Balance and Bodybuilder Kitchen, simultaneously. After some operational and financial issues, Sheena decided to close her ventures to focus on her career in marketing.


Sheena is a positive motivator that not only understands marketing and entrepreneurship, but how to win at every endeavor she takes on in life. She transfers that positive energy to every team and client she works with so that they can also win. 

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