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Sheena Pradhan is a digital marketer and creative strategist. She has a wide range of experiences, including Google Analytics, Ads, Facebook Ads, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and creative direction. In her current roles, she is running campaigns end-to-end, from strategizing, to producing, to reporting at the end of a campaign cycle. 


Sheena has a diverse background. In her 20s, Sheena won two beauty pageants, and was featured in several commercials and social media campaigns as an actor/model, became a published writer, and helped to scale three fashion brands. In 2017, a meal prep delivery service that Sheena was experimenting with took off. She quickly pivoted calling this company Bodybuilder Kitchen. She spent the next three years running a nutrition private practice, Nutritious Balance, and Bodybuilder Kitchen, simultaneously. In 2019, she made a tough decision to close her businesses after a series of circumstances beyond her control and embarked on a career in marketing.