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  • Sheena Pradhan

2020 Quarantine

Without going into further detail, I have been affected by the COVID-19 economic crisis and like everyone else following quarantine rules, I have been locked up at home. I am grateful that I was in a good place leading up to this quarantine, so having hard times hit is not affecting me as negatively as it might have in a not so great time. If you are struggling during this time, my heart goes out to you.

I have always enjoyed alone time to reflect and to produce. I’m taking this time to develop some new skills, read, write, and to do some at home workouts, even though my beloved gym is closed.

Here is my pros of the quarantine list:

1. Learning to Code: So far, I’ve gotten through an HTML and CSS course through Code Academy and am almost done with an HTML/CSS course through Khan Academy. I will be starting JavaScript next. Then I plan to progress to SQL and Excel. If my free time continues, I will probably also learn some backend coding languages as per some new free courses that I was recommended.

2. Social Media and Content Creation:

I haven’t been creating much content over the last few years even though creating is definitely what I love. The quarantine is giving me time to catch up on some content creation for my personal brand. I’m able to post stuff like this and catch up with my followers and acquaintances on social media.

3. Running outside!

I hate that the gym is closed, but I love being able to run outside! I haven’t run outside as a regular part of my routine since I had a bad hip injury in 2012. But I’ve been running a mile every morning for the last couple of weeks. It’s been keeping my schedule on point and getting my day started with endorphins, which is really the best way to start any day. When I do run outside, it is pretty empty out, which I’m not going to lie, is kind of nice.

Model, Makeup and Styling by Sheena Pradhan

Photography by Mike Chism

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