• Sheena Pradhan

What I Eat in a Day

Updated: Apr 11

Anyone that knows me or follows my career knows that I'm a health nut.

From my career as a pageant girl and model to my nutrition coaching business to my meal prep delivery company -- I'm a woman that values taking care of myself and that has filtered into my career. But curious as to what a health nut eats in a day?

Here's a typical food day in the life of me:

6:00 AM - wake-up

6:30 AM - drive to the gym

7:00 AM - workout (full body lifting workout with supersets!)

8:00 AM - drive home + 2 Bodybuilder Kitchen chocolate chip cookie dough energy bites

8:30 AM - breakfast (1/2 cup egg whites + 1 egg yolk), 1 slice avocado toast (1/4 avocado), 1 cup coffee with half and half

11:00 AM - snack at work (1 handful trail mix - dried fruit and nuts) + maybe some more coffee or water

2:00 PM - Bodybuilder Kitchen meal (4 ounces BBQ turkey meatloaf, 1/2 cup sweet potato hash, 1 cup brussel sprouts)

8:30 PM - Bodybuilder Kitchen meal (4 ounces chicken, 1/2 cup brown rice, 1 cup string beans)

10:00 PM - ice cream / a popsicle / a cup of herbal tea

I'm all about knowing my macros. My diet is on the low side of carbohydrates, but I "cheat" and eat dessert whenever I want. I have a natural "ectomorph" body type, which means I have trouble putting weight on (but don't be fooled! if I eat whatever I want and DON'T exercise -- the weight stays on my tummy). SO -- I lift heavy and eat a lot so that my muscle and fat distribution is even over my body so that I have the appearance that I want.

Balance is tough, especially when life gets busy! But I try to get in daily exercise, have a balance of macronutrients, and eat evenly spaced meals each day.

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