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  • Sheena Pradhan

Pink, Gold, and White on the Beach

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

From 2013 to 2015, competing in pageants was a major priority of mine and a large part of my identity.

While preparing for my second pageant, the Miss New York USA pageant, I discovered Kandice Pelletier Swimwear. Kandice Pelletier Swimwear is a prominent provider of pageant competition swimsuits. I have grown to love Kandice Pelletier Swimsuits for more than just the pageant stage.

I got a bright pink Kandice Pelletier Swimsuit for my Miss New York USA competition. I loved my Kandice Pelletier swimsuit because of the way it supported and lifted me. It was also a custom made suit, so it fit me perfectly. Having a custom made swimsuit is necessary in a pageant.

I have a petite frame, so it is hard to find a properly fitting swimsuit, or really any type of clothing that fits properly. After wearing a custom made Kandice Pelletier Swimsuit, I don’t think I will ever go back to a cheaply made swimsuit that is not custom fit—not just for pageants. There is nothing sexier than a swimsuit that is made to fit you. And let’s be real, when you are flaunting it all on the beach, your swimsuit should better fit you properly.

As the summer months after Miss New York USA drew closer, I really wanted a custom Kandice Pelletier suit for the beach and summer escapades. Kandice Pelletier Swimsuits are pricey, but for a perfectly fitted suit and since I am a New Yorker that only hits the beach a few times a year, a custom fit suit sounded like a good investment piece.

The May following Miss New York USA, I competed in the Miss U.S. Supranational system and won the regional title of Miss East Coast U.S. Supranational. With my prize package came a free Kandice Pelletier suit. I ended up getting two suits, a batik print suit and the white suit featured in this post. I used the white swimsuit for a pageant photo shoot at the national pageant and the batik print suit for the beach.

Since these are my two favorite swimsuits, I decided to do two blog posts for them in honor of our new spring season.

This first swimsuit post features my white and gold swimsuit by Kandice Pelletier and a printed cover-up by MINKPINK.

The cover-up by MINKPINK creates an edgy look by combining a sophisticated boxy-yet-flowy silhouette with a bohemian print. I love bright prints in general. But I think we can all agree that bright prints are perfect for the beach. The combination of the edginess of this MINKPINK cover-up with the classic fit of this Kandice Pelletier swimsuit, creates a bold statement for the beach or a casual and comfortable look for a pool party.

Swimsuit by Kandice Pelletier Swimwear / Cover-Up by MINKPINK

Creative Direction, Modeling, Hair, Make-Up, and Styling by Sheena Pradhan

Photography by Moustafa Mazhar

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